A Brave Day For Harold Brown

A cosy romance with a side of adventure

All Harold Brown wants is eggs and toast for breakfast, a cup of tea by the fire, and his grouchy cat on his knee. But a strange wind is blowing and it’s about to change everything.

This morning when Harold Brown woke up, it seemed like a normal day. Why would a 50-year old man be excited about a circus coming to the quiet town of Limberlost? But BonBon Circus has brought a Bengal tiger, and Harold’s never seen a tiger before. When he decides to disrupt his routine to visit the circus, it sets in motion a string of events, all leading up to one thrilling day.

Will Mr. Brown’s life ever be the same again?

What can you expect?

A fun, light, easy read

A bit of adventure, mild humour, and a whole lot of cosy

Suitable for both adults and kids