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A little girl sat with a book on her lap, struggling to understand the alphabets on the page. This was difficult. She sighed, scratched her head and looked down at the page again, sounding out the words like she had been told.  

And then something strange happened. The alphabets suddenly fell into place and made sense, forming sentences right in front of her eyes. She gasped and leaned forward.  

First she read one word. Then she read the next. The sentences swirled and danced off the page, lifting the girl into an imaginary world. It was the beginning of a love that would last forever.


I've published two fiction novels that sold over 10,000 copies, receiving reviews from readers around the world, and have just released my latest, Welcome to the Zoo. The books continue to maintain their 4-4 1/2 star rating and I’ve been number 3 on Amazon's Bestseller List for Literary Short Stories.

I’m always complaining about how hard a writer’s life is, but I’m also always working on my next book.  

Content Strategist

In my corporate life, I've worked with digital advertising agencies to create copy and content for diverse brands. I build content teams, establish guidelines and set up processes, and design communication strategies and brand voices that stand out.   

I’m co-founder and head of an adventure travel company called The Great Next, where I handle social media, website content and SEO. I manage a team of writers and freelancers, and make sure we never run outof coffee or enthusiasm.


I’ve been a writer ever since I was 9 years old, but I set aside my scribbled story of Ginger the Cat to move on to bigger things. And by bigger things, I mean having my work published in National Geographic Traveller India, Forbes India, Mint Lounge, Outlook Traveller, Jet Wings, The Weather Channel, and Travel+Leisure magazine. 

As a freelance writer, I’ve worked on copy for everything from blogs, websites,articles and essays, and ad copy, to verses for birthday cards and that paragraph on the back of your shampoo bottle.

"I wrote my first book because I wanted to read it." - Toni Morrison
I write stories that I want to read, and I hope you'll want to read them too.

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What Readers Say About My Books

Harold Brown is quickly becoming one of my favorite fictional characters, loved him for his bravery once & now for the lovable person he is. The book is well written, gives you a feeling of sitting right across them & watching them go about their day. If you are in a mood for a short, warm christmassy story then you cant go wrong with this one.
  —  on, Merry Christmas Mr. Brown
Mishana Khot has become one of my favorite authors. Her characters are decent, kind, and quietly heroic. Her pacing is perfect. The humor is gentle, and genuine.
I've read both Khot's books now. I eagerly await her next one.
Karen Terrel
I got to the end of this and wanted more! This is a charming novella that hints at so much more. A little like the Old Man and The Sea, there is much more going on here than first appears and it takes a little while to get it. I read this a few times, each time getting more and more - and as it is so short, this is easy to do. This reminds of Hemmingway more than anything else, so anyone looking for a short read, look no further
Steven V.S.
  —, A Brave Day For Harold Brown
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